What to wear under a see through dress

It’s summertime, and you’ve got your favorite see through dress on, but what to wear under it? Whether you want something sexy or just something comfortable, we have a few ideas for you below.

What to Wear Under a See Through Dress:

  1. Shirts or cami tops

These are a cute option if what your wearing underneath isn’t too crazy colored. White shirts work best because they don’t pick up on any colors underneath, which can ruin the overall look quite quickly. Be aware that thicker fabrics will make what’s underneath a bit more obvious, but the same can be said for what you wear over cami tops, so consider that when deciding what to wear.

  1. Camisoles or strapless bras

Depending on what look you’re going for, these can both work well if they compliment your see through dress. If it’s not too much out of the ordinary, matching your bra to what you’ve got on is always an easy way to create a style statement. If any part of what you’re wearing might peek out under the dress, then simple nude colors are best, but remember that even if nothing will peek out in theory, it doesn’t mean no one will notice what color underwear you’re wearing.

  1. Pants or shorts

Best for a casual look, what you wear underneath your see through dress is really up to you as long as what’s visible compliments what else you’re wearing. Skinny jeans may show off what you’ve got on underneath a little too much, so it depends on what works best with the overall style of what you’re wearing. You can even mix and match if that’s what feels suitable for the situation.

  1. Full-length leggings

If this isn’t going to be an obvious pairing, then go ahead and wear whatever feels comfortable with what else is going on, but be aware that sometimes combinations that seem good in theory don’t always work out as well as expected once they’re paired together. Make sure you keep looking over what you’ve got on, so nothing seems out of place.

  1. Full-length pants or a dress

Pairing what’s underneath with what else you’re wearing can be tricky sometimes, so best to choose what works best for the situation and what makes you feel most comfortable. As long as everything looks like it has been chosen carefully and fits well, then that is all that matters! It can also help to see what other people think before committing to what you’ve got planned.

  1. Jacket, coat, or cardigan

These can be effective ways to cover up what you’re wearing underneath as they don’t cling to what’s underneath as much as other types would do. The downside is having to take them off eventually, but what you have underneath will at least be on show for what feels like a lot longer.

  1. Nothing under the dress

This is an obvious one, but what better way to show off what’s on your back than by completely covering up what’s underneath? Not really recommended for all occasions, but it can look good if you have abs of steel or are just feeling brave enough.

  1. Tights or opaque stockings

Color matching is again the key here; black tights usually work best with what else you’re wearing, although don’t let that put you off if what else isn’t too contrasting. Suppose you’re not looking to wear anything over what’s underneath. In that case, having two different leg colors can also look quite interesting, and people may notice what’s underneath less often if what you’ve got on your legs isn’t what they’re expecting, although this won’t always work.

  1. Skin tone colored tights or stockings

These are the best option if what’s underneath is lighter than what’s showing on top to ignore what’s underneath entirely and focus attention on what you’re wearing above instead. If what you’re wearing underneath is dark, it can be difficult to ignore that, so it’s best not to try this unless it feels right. As with other combinations, sometimes what looks good in theory doesn’t work out when put into practice, so try them out for yourself before committing to what you’ve planned ahead of time.

  1. Colors similar to what’s visible

Depending on what’s visible is, you can pick what’s underneath depending on what compliments what else you’re wearing. This is usually the best option when what you’ve got underneath isn’t something that needs to be emphasized or ignored, mainly so go with what feels most comfortable.

  1. Two different colors, one light and one dark

As long as these don’t clash, it can look quite attractive if what’s underneath has two contrasting colors to what’s showing on top, but this might not always work out. It can also depend on how skin-toned-colored you’re wearing underneath is whether this works well or not, so experimenting beforehand would be recommended.

Which occasions should I wear my see-through dress?

Now that you know what to wear under your see through dress, you can now wear it during any of these occasions:

1)Club scene

Clubs are often dimly lit, making it difficult to know if certain spots on your body are visible or not. If you do not want someone looking at those areas, this dress could help ensure that they won’t see anything through your dress.

2)The beach

The second time wearing a see-through outfit would be entirely appropriate is during a hot day at the beach. Why not turn the heat up even more by wearing this dress and having all eyes on you? It will certainly get your point across.

3)Pool party

It is appropriate, especially if it’s an exclusive pool party that requires an invitation or membership fee. This dress would be great to wear because there are no swimmers underneath, meaning you don’t have to worry about losing anything in the water while trying to stay dry.

4)Halloween or costume parties

Sometimes you need a quick outfit that could pass as a Halloween costume, and this see-through dress would certainly fit the bill.

5)New Year’s Eve

If you want to make sure that everyone has had a great time with you on December 31st, then wear this dress. It will be hard for them to miss your party if they’re staring at all your best angles underneath your unique outfit.

Which occasions should I not wear my see through dress?

  1. Work

You should never wear a see through dress to work unless you have planned. Always have a plan B outfit to change into if the weather changes without warning. And make sure it isn’t too low cut or short either

  1. On a date

There are obvious reasons you shouldn’t wear see through clothes on a date, but even if your date doesn’t mind it, other people could judge them for dating someone who dresses like that.

  1. A wedding

Wearing a see through dress to a wedding would be incredibly disrespectful to the bride and groom. Would you wear your bra to their wedding? And do you want pictures of yourself plastered all over Facebook wearing one?

  1. In public, anywhere.

Never wear a see through anything in public. You don’t know who can see what. Imagine going out for lunch with your family, and some random person took a picture of you from across the street. You could be viral on Twitter before you knew it even happened.


What you wear under a see through dress may be more important than what you wear on top of it. If your outfit is revealing, make sure that the underwear and bra are too. Even if they’re not see-through themselves, wearing nude or flesh-colored pieces will help cover up any potential skin imperfections.