What shoes was Freddie Mercury wearing at Live Aid?

One of the most iconic looks of Freddie Mercury was definitely the one he used at Live Aid in 1985, from top to bottom, every piece is burned into our collective memories. We may remember the tank top, the armband and even the shoes, but do we know from what brand and model were those shoes? They were Adidas Hercules, a type of wrestling/boxing boots, similar to the present day Adidas Samba

Can you still find them today?

No, this particular model has been discontinued for some time now, the modern day equivalent are the Adidas Samba, however, those are not boots like the Hercules. Adidas did exceptionally remake the boots for the movie Bohemian Rhapsody in 2018.

Did he mostly wear Adidas shoes?

The Adidas wrestling boots were definitely his favorite, however, he had been seen previously wearing a variety of footwear during concerts, such as platform boots, ballet shoes and even barefoot sometimes. Most of those had one goal in mind, comfort.