What is a fashion item?

A fashion item is anything that can be worn and expressed through one’s personal style. It may come in the form of a hat, shoes, jewelry, clothing or any other accessory. The type of piece and how it is used will vary from person to person and so what constitutes as a fashion item will be different for everyone. Let’s have a look at the many possibilities.


When you are looking for clothes to wear, the aim is usually to buy something that will make you look good or that fits your style. Clothes are important in fashion because they help us expressing ourselves. For example, wearing a short shirt or dress might be used to emphasize your legs. Another important aspect is the occasion, you might not want to wear the same type of outfit at work and when you go out with friends, one will typically require a more formal attire while the other will be a better occasion to express yourself with the types of clothes you really like.


In fashion, footwear is a key element. It completes an outfit and adds personality to it. In the past decade shoe-game has changed a lot. The demand for high heels is bigger than ever before but also flat shoes or sneakers are part of the every day’s choice of many women and girls nowadays. Sneakers can be worn with any other kind of outfit. Sneakers are chic, comfortable and can be combined with just everything. They are perfect for round-the-clock activities. High heels on the other hand are a little bit less practical but they give that special touch to any look. Whatever type of shoes you choose , it’s always important to feel good in them!


Many fashion lovers and enthusiasts understand the importance of accessories and how it complements an outfit. Without proper accessorizing, a look would not be complete. Accessorizing allows us to add a personal touch to any look. For example, some people wear ripped jeans while wearing a nice belt and leather shoes while others may wear a dress shirt with a blazer and loafers. It gives you endless opportunities to play around with your clothes. Fashion accessories are considered as an icing on the cake. If you have a nice shirt and good shoes, then accessorizing with just the right kind of scarf can make all the difference in how dressed up or dressed down your outfit appears to others.


Jewelry can add a touch of sparkle to your outfit and can change your style from casual to dressy at any moment. Whether you’re looking to enhance an outfit with a multitude of necklaces, wear earrings that make a statement or give yourself extra sparkle by adding some bracelets, rings or even toe rings (yes, I said toe rings). There is no limit to the different kinds of jewelry you can choose from.


Hairstyle is an essential part of any style. A good haircut, whether it be neat and classy or sharp and edgy depends on the shape of your face, just like makeup. There is no one-size-fits-all, it will be up to you and your hairdresser to come up with the one that fits your style and personality.


It is the finishing touch. It gives you that extra confidence boost to make you feel like you can take on anything in an outfit. You could be wearing something super simple, but if your makeup is right, it’s like ‘BAM! I’m ready for business.’ A primer, a good foundation and a great mascara are a very good start, just don’t overdo it.

Personal Style

Is personal style an item? Maybe, maybe not, however, when it comes to fashion, it makes all the difference. It allows you the expression or your true self through your looks. How to find your style? Well, this is a million-dollar question! There are so many different opinions out there but in the end, only YOUR opinion counts. Ultimately you have to be able to live with the style that you have chosen.

Fashion staples

A fashion staple item would be something that you always go back to when building a new style for yourself. It’s usually an item of clothing that will never go out of style and will always look good on you. For example, a plain white v-neck shirt is always in style so it’s considered a staple item. As for jeans, you can wear any type of jean but dark wash skinny leg jeans are something that never go out of style so many people consider them to be staples.