What did teens in the 80s wear?

Fashion in the ’80s was constantly changing. Teens were constantly trying to follow what the latest trends were, and often times they could be seen carrying a new fashion accessory every couple of months. However, with time, those 80’s fashion trends to fade away.

Let’s discuss some of the 80’s teens fashion trends that most people today mark as outdated.

5 types of clothing and accessories that teens wore in the ’80s

1) Acid-washed skinny jeans

Boys and girls used to wear acid-washed jeans during the ’80s. They were very tight around the knees and waist. Back then, all you had to do was put your jeans in a washing machine with a load of highly diluted bleach or some other kind of acid to create an effect where the color is removed from the top layer creating a faded look.

The result was known as ‘acid wash’. This type of jeans went out of fashion in the ’90s and is today often ridiculed.

2) Coca-Cola Clothing

It’s not a coincidence that the Coca-Cola logo was used in popular 80’s clothing logos. The soft drink company took advantage of the popularity of their brand and print it on t-shirt, shorts, and pants. You could even find hats with ‘Coca Cola’ written on the front or back of them.

Today this type of clothes is very rare and some people might think they are cool while others will probably be totally disgusted by it.

3) Members Only jackets

Members Only was founded in the 1970s but reached its peak during the ’80s. During that time, people used to wear Members Only jackets on a daily basis. They had some kind of special effect on them, for example, fur around the collar or sleeves. Artists such as Michael Jackson and Madonna popularized this type of jacket at that time.

4) Swatch watches

Swatch watches were also a common fashion trend in the ’80s. They were popular among teens because they were colorful and original. They also had a very affordable price for the time, making them accessible to most people.

Today, Swatch watches are still being made but have lost most of their originality. On top of that, they are no longer affordable to everyone so it’s unlikely they will ever come back in fashion again for teens (or even any watch, now that smartphones have taken the world over).

5) Animal Print

Another type of article that was very popular in the ’80s but then went out of style is animal print clothing. You can still see it sometimes on some celebrities who like to wear clothes that were once popular on the red carpet (such as Jane Birkin).

For example, during the early 80’s it was common for girls to buy shirts or shoes with leopard print designs. This type of design went out of fashion quite quickly though and became associated more with Halloween costumes than with everyday life! If you want your children to dress more like their peers today, steer clear of this clothing style.

Wrapping up

While they are no longer popular today, all is not lost as certain articles that were once worn back then are starting to make their way back into fashion after being discontinued for a few years. In the fashion world, what was once old is new again!