Tips on how to become a fashion nova model

Modeling is by definition very competitive so it’s very important to make sure that it is you dream goal and not a side hobby or something “nice” to do in your spare time.

It requires you to be dedicated, patient, hard working and to persevere. 

A fashion nova model is a model that targets “millennials”. As such, the goal is to make an impression on the young market. Your work will involve working with fashion designers, consumer brands, and even artists to advertise a massive range of clothing products. 

You can either follow the classical path of modelling:

Tips for Becoming a Fashion Nova Model

To start a career in modeling, you need to be disciplined. For the best results, Make sure you keep some of these tips in mind.

  1. Identify your strong points

Focus on your appearance and work on your confidence and body language. Those aspects will play a big role on the impression you leave on your audience.

Rejection is unfortunately a pretty big part of the modeling life, however, you should never take these personally. If you have confidence in your capabilities, that will increase your chances of success by a good margin.

  1. Ensure you Know your Duties

As a model, you will be required to work hard and to follow instructions, you will sometimes need to pose in a particular manner for many hours.

Know how to pose for the camera, train for that, and then train again some more… You will also need to practice your signature walk for the events where you will be required to model on a runway.

Hours and hours of practice are all an expected part of the job.

  1. Keep Up your Appearance

Appearance is a crucial part of a model, that includes taking very good care of all aspects of your looks and health. Take proper care of your skin, hair, nails, weight and personal style. Having a proper diet and exercising are also important.

  1. Prepare Photos for Potential Employers

Full body shots and headshots will be a requirement. When applying for a modeling job, get an professional photographer to shoot your portrait. In this photoshoot, ensure that you wear clothes that match the style the client is after.

Avoid submitting photos that have been heavily retouched as these tend to look unrealistic and give skewed expectations.

  1. Get a Portfolio Together

Potential clients will want to go through your modeling portfolio, make sure you select each photo with care and create an online portfolio to showcase your style and abilities.

That website will increase your chances of landing contracts and getting hired by agencies who can quickly view your work online.

  1. Look for a Fitting Modeling Agency

With a good portfolio, finding a modeling agency will be much easier.

Your experience will also factor into finding a matching modeling agency, and finding the perfect choice will ensure that your work is well represented. You also get the chance to adequately express yourself to your clients when you have an agency that fits your brand and represents you well.

  1. Enroll in Modeling School

Modeling classes will help you understand what a fashion model job entails and what is required of you.

For instance, you will be able to pose better during photoshoots and composing your photo portfolios will be a lot easier. Additionally, you will get used to work with photographers.

Modeling school is also a better foundation for a career since you will get better skills and improve your modeling and become more competitive for new opportunities.

The foundation will also ensure that you understand the terms used in modeling and the essential culture of modeling.

  1. Consider Moving to a Major City

If you are truly serious about becoming a fashion model, it is often advised to move to a major city. There, you will be exposed to more work opportunities and will be able to expand your network.


Or build a strong social network presence:

Build a strong Instagram presence. 

Now more than ever, Instagram is the perfect place to show your potential and to garner a following os hundreds or thousands of users. Let your presence grow organically, step by step, and avoid at all cost to acquire “packs” of ghost users. Show who you are, your fashion sense and people will come. If a brand like Fashion Nova is your goal (or dream), make sure there is a match in styles.


With these tips on becoming a fashion nova model, you will be able to achieve your goals. With the skills gained, you will make the best impression on the fashion nova target audience and get the opportunity to work with top brands in the fashion industry.

Preparation and dedication will play a big role in ensuring you will be ready to do an exceptional job.

Passion for the job also gives you the drive to keep going and gain new skills.

If you wish to join the Fashion Nova family, you can check the current modeling job openings here: