Do women find men who dress nicely attractive?

The obvious and easy answer will be “Yes”, however, there is more nuance to that, “dressing nicely” can be quite subjective and will depend on many factors.

One thing is usually common tough, a man who gives some tough about his appearance will be seen as more attractive than one who does not care. This includes not only clothing but also aspects such as skin care and hair style.

One frequent obstacle is finding clothes that are well tailored to your body type and that fit correctly. This is easier when you are fit, however, it becomes somewhat of a challenge when you are not in shape. One could argue that being in shape is part of the “attractive” definition, however, that really isn’t the case, you can be attractive in all shapes and forms. As long as you’re well groomed and wear clothes that fit, you will make a good impression and that you care about how you present yourself.

Dressing nicely will not be enough tough, a good personality can go a long way. Likewise, the opposite side of the spectrum will have the same effect, being self-centered and unresentful might please some, but most likely, will displease most.

In the day and age of social media, showing how well you dress is a big part of our culture, and nothing flatters our ego more than a bunch of compliments on a carefully crafted photo.

Of course women have different opinions on what dressing nicely actually is, and that will also depend on their own style. Someone dressing more casual will probably be more attracted by someone dressing in the same style, likewise, a women that likes to go out wearing a fancy dress and high heels will most probably prefer a man that would compliment her image.