8 reasons why dresses are better than pants

Well, to be precise dresses are better than slacks. And not just because of the formal-yet-au-naturel dress pants conundrum, but for more practical reasons that you’ll understand if you read on. Below we’ve compiled a list of 8 reasons why dresses are better than pants (and leave the pearls at home, while you’re at it).

1 – They make running through the airport (or anywhere) ten times easier.

Have you ever tried to get through an airport or crowded public place in a pair of pants that don’t have an elastic waist? You are guaranteed to have your trip interrupted by your pants falling down. Unless you’re Kate Moss, in which case you can pull off any look. Dresses, on the other hand, have an elastic waistband and are made to be comfortable and movable.

2 – They’re perfect for all body types.

Pants fit snugly against your body and can often accentuate every curve (in all the wrong ways). Dresses, on the other hand, flow loosely and can be flattering on all body types. They hide problem areas while highlighting your best features.

3 – You don’t have to worry about them riding up.

This is probably the number one pet peeve of pants-wearers everywhere: when their pants ride up and they’re left with an awkward, elevated crotch situation. Whether you are sitting or standing, there is no fear of your dress riding up because it will stay right where you put it.

4 – They’re easy to take care of.

Have a big lunch with friends? Don’t fret about staining the slacks that have to be dry-cleaned or hand washed! Dresses can be easily thrown in the washing machine and come out looking just as good as new.

5 – You can wear them to any event.

From a formal event to a day at the beach, dresses are the perfect outfit for any occasion. Pants, on the other hand, are often too dressy or too casual for certain events.

6 – They’re hot in the summer and warm in the winter.

Because dresses are normally made out of loose flowing fabric that is much lighter than pants, they are perfect for any season. During summer months, you can pair them with cute sandals, while layering a knit sweater over your dress during winter will keep you cozy and stylish.

7 – Dresses are a statement piece that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

One of the best things about dresses is that they really allow you to show your personality and make a fashion statement while being appropriate for any event, from formal functions to passing through an airport security line. If you wear a dress with a plunging neckline, keep your accessories minimal; if you choose a dress with a conservative neckline, feel free to go all out with your jewelry.

8 – Dresses are just plain fun.

We love our pants dearly, but once in awhile it’s nice to wear something that doesn’t have an elastic waistband or crotch seams. Dresses are feminine, pretty, and always make you feel a little bit special. So go ahead and add one to your wardrobe – you won’t regret it!