10 Fashion tips for teenage girls

Fashion is an integral part of our lives and the way you dress up is incredibly important in your teenage years.
Here are some fashion tips for teenage girls that can make your life easier when it comes to having a stylish look:

1 –  Colors, lots of colors! Do not shy away from having a little bit of color in your life, go as wild as you feel comfortable, and just make sure they work well with your skin tone.

2 – Be creative with what you already own. It’s OK to try new combinations and mix and match what is in your closet, if it looks alright to you, it probably is, after all, you are the best judge to decide what you like and dislike. When in doubt, ask someone you can trust to be honest.

3 – Wear what fits, if something is too tight, keep it for another occasion, age, size or weight will not be obstacles to your trendy look!

4 – Accessories can do wonders, glasses and sunglasses, headgear, bracelets, etc… these are often cheap and effective ways to spice up your look.

5 – Layering up is often a great way to combine colors, mixing colorful t-shirts and jackets usually looks great.

6 –  If nail polish is your thing, try to avoid extremely long nails, other than that, the sky is the limit, and as usual, bright colors are always a good idea.

7 –  Hairstyles – Look around and see what friends, family members, or personalities have chosen for their hairstyles. Would it look good on you? Then go for it!

8 – Backpacks are probably the safest bet when it comes to select a bag to keep your stuff. Unless you want to look like your mother, and in that case, a tot bag might be an option 😉

9 –  Skincare should not be overlooked. That will often be the pain point of your teenage years, so taking care of your skin is incredibly important, particularly if you have acne.

10 –  Last but not least, Shoes! They are an integral part of the overall look, just make sure they are comfortable and match the rest of the outfit (and your personality, obviously!)